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As real estate developers and managers of residential, mixed use and retail properties, we have successfully been able to provide investors with above average returns due to our keen insight of the Nigeria markets. 7thAugust applies its knowledge of the market and neighbourhood trends to identify and acquire real estate in areas that have substantial upside appreciation potential post acquisition and development.
7thAugust takes pride in its ability to locate and acquire economically sound, high-yield investment and development properties. Typically, 7thAugust seeks situations where it can apply its entrepreneurial expertise and value added approach. The company relies upon its principals to identify new markets and undervalued assets. It also leverages its public and private sector relationships to enrich the communities in which it invests. We are able to control cost and provide quality executions of our projects by keeping operating expenses low.
Our management team that manages the construction on the properties we develop and negotiates the most favorable sales and purchase prices on real estate. We also actively pursue the acquisition of undervalued properties by leveraging our extensive knowledge of urban development, as well as our proprietary analytical systems.